Map request form—Map of Great Barrier Reef wetland protection areas and map of Queensland Wetland Environmental Values

Property scale maps

To find out if your property contains a wetland under the Environmental Protection Regulation 2019, submit your email address and the location of your property in the form below. An A4-sized PDF map will be emailed to your nominated address within one working day.

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Please note:

  • Only one number can be entered with each request.
  • Wetlands contained on the maps are those as defined in the Environmental Protection Regulation 2019. Great Barrier Reef Wetland protection areas are also mapped for referral under the State Assessment Referral Agency.
  • If your property is not within a mapped wetland it will not show on the map that you receive.

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Map request form

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Further information

For more information, refer to the Protection of wetlands in GBR catchments.