Queensland has the most diverse array of wetlands in Australia. Wetlands deliver many ecosystem services that contribute to our wellbeing—such as water and food supply, filtering of pollutants, regulation of climate and flooding, coastal protection, provision of habitat for biodiversity, and recreation and tourism opportunities.

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Wetland protection in Queensland

The Queensland Government is directly responsible for the protection, conservation and management of wetlands in Queensland—a responsibility shared with local government and the Australian Government (for some wetlands of international significance). These responsibilities are found in laws passed by the Queensland parliament, laws of the Commonwealth, international obligations and in agreements between state, local and the federal governments.

Wetlands are integral to a wide range of landscapes. There are many different programs, policies and laws affecting wetlands, and administration of wetland areas is shared with many government agencies, local authorities and the Australian Government. Read more about wetlands programs, policy and legislation in Queensland.

Protecting wetlands in Great Barrier Reef catchments

The Queensland Government seeks to ensure that development is planned, designed, constructed and operated so as to not cause harm to the hydrology of wetlands that protect matters of national and state environmental significance including the outstanding universal values of the Great Barrier Reef. Read more about the wetland protection provisions.

The Reef 2050 Wetlands Strategy: a Strategy to manage wetlands in the Great Barrier Reef and its catchments (Reef 2050 Wetlands Strategy) is a joint commitment between the Australian Government and the Queensland Government, and provides direction for wetland science, planning, coordination and management in the Great Barrier Reef and its catchments. The Strategy is underpinned by a whole-of-system, values-based framework which is an integrated approach to catchment management and protecting, maintaining and rehabilitating wetland systems.

Is my property affected?

Property owners can request a map showing regulated wetland areas.


Wetland regulation contacts

Wetlands of Queensland book

This richly illustrated publication includes more than 550 full-colour photographs showcasing the variety, beauty and complexity of Queensland’s wetlands. Find out more.