Changes made to wildlife categories on 19 September 2019

The Species Technical Committee (STC) has assessed the status of seven fauna species in accordance with the requirements of the Nature Conservation Act 1992 as well as best practice international species reclassification guidelines. The STC has recommended the reclassification of these species to reflect current scientific knowledge as well as changes to the scientific names of 16 flora species and the common name of one fauna species (see tables below).

Reclassification of 9 fauna species
TaxonCommon nameFormer Qld statusNew Qld status
Bettongia lesueur graiiBurrowing bettongNot listedX
Pedionomus torquatusPlains-wandererVE
Rostratula australisAustralian painted snipeVE
Pteropus conspicillatusSpectacled flying-foxVE
Botaurus poiciloptilusAustralasian bitternLCE
Thalassarche chrysostomaGrey-headed albatrossVE
Antechinus argentusSilver-headed antechinusVE
Halobaena caeruleaBlue petrelLC


Hirundapus caudacutusWhite-throated needletailLCV
Reclassification of 2 flora species
TaxonCommon nameFormer Qld statusNew Qld status
Rhodamnia rubescensScrub turpentineLCE
Rhodomyrtus psidioidesNative guavaLCE
Flora species scientific name changes
Current Scientific nameCommon nameAmended Scientific name
Genoplesium tectumCardwell midge orchidCorunastylis tecta
Dipodium pictumBrittle climbing orchidDipodium pandanum
Kunzea sp. (Dicks Tableland A.R.Bean 3672) Kunzea seriothrix
Kunzea sp. (Herbert River R.J.Cumming 11309) Kunzea truncata
Phalaenopsis amabilis subsp. Rosenstromiimoth orchidPhalaenopsis rosenstromii
Eria dischorensespotted urchin orchidBryobium dischorense
Eria irukandjianasmall urchin orchidBryobium irukandjianum
Genoplesium alticolaTableland midge orchidCorunastylis alticola
Genoplesium craneiBlackall Range midge orchidCorunastylis cranei
Genoplesium pedersoniiPederson’s midge orchidCorunastylis pedersonii
Genoplesium validumBlackdown midge orchidCorunastylis valida
Liparis condylobulbonTapered sphinx orchidCestichis condylobulbon
Genoplesium sigmoideumDave’s creek midge orchidCorunastylis sigmoidea
Liparis simmondsiiCoastal sprite orchidDiteilis simmondsii
Oenotrichia dissecta Lastreopsis dissecta
Chrysophyllum roxburghiistar appleDonella lanceolata
Fauna species common name changes
Current Scientific nameCommon nameAmended Common name
Tympanocryptis condaminensisDarling Downs earless dragonCondamine earless dragon
Legend and aids to interpretation
ReferenceAid to interpretation
Extinct in the wild (X) See decision criteria
Endangered (E) See decision criteria
Critically endangered (CE)See decision criteria
Vulnerable (V) See decision criteria
Near threatened (NT) See decision criteria
Least concern (LC) See decision criteria

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