Changes made to wildlife categories on 12 May 2017

The Species Technical Committee (STC) has assessed the status of 14 species of plants and 23 species of animals in accordance with the requirements of the Nature Conservation Act 1992 as well as best practice international species reclassification guidelines. The STC has recommended the reclassification of these species to reflect current scientific knowledge (see tables below).

Reclassification of 14 flora species
TaxonCommon nameFormer Qld statusNew Qld status
Cajanus mareebensis ELC
Eremochloa muricata EDe-listed
Eucalyptus tereticornis subsp. rotunda LCNT
Homoranthus tricolor LCE
Oberonia attenuata XE
Pluchea alata LCE
Pluchea tenuis LCV
Ptilotus senarius LCX
Rutidosis lanata VNT
Solanum adoxum LCE
Solanum orgadophilum LCE
Solanum unispinum LCE
Sphaeromorphaea major LCNT
Stemona angusta VNT
Reclassification of 23 fauna species
TaxonCommon nameFormer Qld statusNew Qld status
Acanthophis hawkeiplains death adderLCV
Amytornis dorotheaeCarpentaria grasswrenNTE
Anilios insperatusFassifern blind snakeLCV
Ardenna pacifica wedge-tailed shearwaterSpecial LCV
Calidris canutus red knotSpecial LCE
Calidris ferruginea curlew sandpiperSpecial LCE
Calidris tenuirostris great knotSpecial LCE
Charadrius leschenaultii greater sand ploverSpecial LCV
Charadrius mongolus lesser sand ploverSpecial LCE
Conilurus penicillatus brush-tailed tree-ratLCV
Dendrolagus lumholtziLumholtz’s tree-kangarooLCNT
Eretmochelys imbricata hawksbill turtleVE
Limosa lapponica baueri Western Alaskan bar-tailed godwitSpecial LCV
Limosa lapponica menzbieriNorthern Siberian bar-tailed godwitSpecial LCE
Macroderma gigas ghost batVE
Melomys rubicolaBramble Cay melomysEX
Numenius madagascariensis eastern curlewVE
Petauroides volans greater gliderLCV
Petrogale xanthopus celeris yellow-footed rock-wallabyLCV
Probosciger aterrimuspalm cockatooNTV
Pseudomys novaehollandiae New Holland mouseLCV
Sternula nereis exsul New Caledonian fairy ternLCE
Tympanocryptis wilsoni Roma earless dragonLCV
Legend and aids to interpretation
ReferenceAid to interpretation
Extinct in the wild (X) See decision criteria
Endangered (E) See decision criteria
Critically endangered (CE)See decision criteria
Vulnerable (V) See decision criteria
Near threatened (NT) See decision criteria
Least concern (LC) See decision criteria

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