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Near threatened

The criteria for declaring a species as near threatened are if:

  • the population size or distribution of the wildlife is small and may become smaller; or
  • the population size of the wildlife has declined, or is likely to decline, at a rate higher than the usual rate for population changes for the wildlife; or
  • the survival of the wildlife in the wild is affected to an extent that the wildlife is in danger of becoming vulnerable.

Native wildlife may be prescribed as near threatened wildlife even if the wildlife is the subject of a threatening process.

The Governor in Council may classify a species as near threatened by amending the Nature Conservation (Wildlife) Regulations 2006 where the above criteria under the Nature Conservation Act 1992 (NCA) have been met.

View a list of near threatened animals and plants in Queensland.

Amphibians (5 species)

Common name Scientific name
Cooloola sedgefrog Litoria cooloolensis
Eungella tinkerfrog Taudactylus liemi
Long snouted treefrog Litoria longirostris
Rattling nurseryfrog Cophixalus hosmeri
Tapping nurseryfrog Cophixalus aenigma

Birds (5 species)

Common name Scientific name
Albert's lyrebird Menura alberti
Blue-faced parrot-finch Erythrura trichroa
Grey grasswren (Lake Eyre Basin) Amytornis barbatus diamantina
Rufous owl (Cape York subspecies) Ninox rufa meesi
Rusty grasswren Amytornis rowleyi

Fish (1 species)

Common name Scientific name
Estuary stingray Hemitrygon fluviorum

Mammals (6 species)

Common name Scientific name
Bennett's tree-kangaroo Dendrolagus bennettianus
Chestnut dunnart Sminthopsis archeri
Coastal sheathtail bat Taphozous australis
Common wombat Vombatus ursinus
Diadem leaf-nosed bat Hipposideros diadema reginae
Lumholtz's tree-kangaroo Dendrolagus lumholtzi

Reptiles (14 species)

Common name Scientific name
Striped blind snake Anilios silvia
Woma Aspidites ramsayi
Capricorn ctenotus Ctenotus capricorni
Schevill's ctenotus Ctenotus schevilli
Atherton delma Delma mitella
Littoral whiptail-skink Emoia atrocostata atrocostata
Diamond head turtle Emydura subglobosa worrelli
Bunya Mountains skink Lampropholis colossus
Saxicoline sunskink Lampropholis mirabilis
Slender chained gecko Lepidodactylus pumilus
Chillagoe litter-skink Lygisaurus rococo
Green python Morelia viridis
Golden-tailed gecko Strophurus taenicauda
Emerald monitor Varanus prasinus


The complete list of near threatened plants can be found in the Nature Conservation (Wildlife) Regulation 2006.

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17 May 2019