The criteria for declaring a species as endangered are if:

    • there have not been thorough searches conducted for the wildlife and the wildlife has not been seen in the wild over a period that is appropriate for the life cycle or form of the wildlife; or
    • the habitat or distribution of the wildlife has been reduced to an extent that the wildlife may be in danger of extinction; or
    • the population size of the wildlife has declined, or is likely to decline, to an extent that the wildlife may be in danger of extinction; or
    • the survival of the wildlife in the wild is unlikely if a threatening process continues.

    The Governor in Council may classify a species as endangered by amending the Nature Conservation (Animals) Regulation 2020 where the above criteria under the Nature Conservation Act 1992 (NCA) have been met.

    Amphibians (13 species)

    Common nameScientific name
    Australian lacelidLitoria dayi
    Common mistfrogLitoria rheocola
    Eungella dayfrogTaudactylus eungellensis
    Fleay's barred frogMixophyes fleayi
    Giant barred frogMixophyes iteratus
    Kroombit tinkerfrogTaudactylus pleione
    Kroombit treefrogLitoria kroombitensis
    Kuranda treefrogLitoria myola
    Little waterfall frogLitoria lorica
    Mountain mistfrogLitoria nyakalensis
    Northern gastric brooding frogRheobatrachus vitellinus
    Northern tinkerfrogTaudactylus rheophilus
    Waterfall frogLitoria nannotis

    Birds (29 species)

    Common nameScientific name
    Australasian bittern
    Australian painted snipeRostratula australis
    Black-throated finch (white-rumped subspecies)Poephila cincta cincta
    Buff-breasted button-quailTurnix olivii
    Carpentarian grasswrenAmytornis dorotheae
    Coxen's fig parrotCyclopsitta diophthalma coxeni
    Crimson finch (white-bellied subspecies)Neochmia phaeton evangelinae
    Curlew sandpiperCalidris ferruginea
    Eastern bristlebirdDasyornis brachypterus
    Eastern curlewNumenius madagascariensis
    Golden-shouldered parrotPsephotus chrysopterygius
    Gouldian finchErythrura gouldiae
    Great knotCalidris tenuirostris
    Grey grasswren (Bulloo)Amytornis barbatus barbatus
    Grey-headed albatrossThalassarche chrysostoma 
    Herald petrelPterodroma heraldica
    Lesser sand ploverCharadrius mongolus
    New Caledonian fairy ternSternula nereis exsul
    Night parrotPezoporus occidentalis
    Northern Siberian bar-tailed godwitLimosa lapponica menzbieri
    Plains-wandererPedionomus torquatas 
    Red goshawkErythrotriorchis radiatus
    Red knotCalidris canutus
    Regent honeyeaterAnthochaera phrygia
    Southern cassowary (southern population)

    Casuarius casuarius johnsonii

    (southern population)

    Southern giant-petrelMacronectes giganteus
    Star finch (eastern subspecies)Neochmia ruficauda ruficauda
    Swift parrotLathamus discolor
    Yellow chat (Dawson)Epthianura crocea macgregori

    Invertebrates (6 species)

    Common nameScientific name
    Australian fritillary butterflyArgyreus hyperbius inconstans
    Bulloak jewel butterflyHypochrysops piceata
    A mothTrisyntopa scatophaga
    A crayfishTenuibranchiurus glypticus
    Boggomoss snailAdclarkia dawsonensis
    A snailAdclarkia dulacca

    Fish (4 species)

    Common nameScientific name
    Edgbaston gobyChlamydogobius squamigenus
    Elizabeth Springs gobyChlamydogobius micropterus
    Greynurse sharkCarcharias taurus
    Redfin blue eyeScaturiginichthys vermeilipinnis

    Mammals (17 species)

    Common nameScientific name
    Bare-rumped sheathtail batSaccolaimus saccolaimus nudicluniatus
    Black-tailed antechinusAntechinus arktos
    Bridled nailtail wallabyOnychogalea fraenata
    Dusky hopping-mouseNotomys fuscus
    Ghost batMacroderma gigas
    Greater bilbyMacrotis lagotis
    Greater large-eared horseshoe batRhinolophus philippinensis
    Julia Creek dunnartSminthopsis douglasi
    Mahogany gliderPetaurus gracilis
    Northern bettongBettongia tropica
    Northern hairy-nosed wombatLasiorhinus krefftii
    Plains ratPseudomys australis
    Proserpine rock-wallabyPetrogale persephone
    Semon's leaf-nosed batHipposideros semoni
    Silver-headed antechinusAntechnius argentus
    Spectacle flying-foxPteropus conspicillatus
    Spotted-tailed quoll (northern subspecies)Dasyurus maculatus gracilis

    Reptiles (13 species)

    Common nameScientific name
    Allan's leristaLerista allanae
    Condamine earless dragonTympanocryptis condaminensis
    Grey snakeHemiaspis damelii
    Gulbaru geckoPhyllurus gulbaru
    Gympie broad-tailed geckoPhyllurus kabikabi
    Hawksbill turtleEretmochelys imbricata
    Leatherback turtleDermochelys coriacea
    Loggerhead turtleCaretta caretta
    Long-legged worm-skinkAnomalopus mackayi
    Mary River turtleElusor macrurus
    Nangur skinkNangura spinosa
    Olive ridley turtle (Pacific ridley)Lepidochelys olivacea
    Southern snapping turtleElseya albagula


    There are 227 species of plants that are listed as endangered under the Nature Conservation Act 1992.

    The complete list of endangered plants can be found in the Nature Conservation (Plants) Regulation 2020.

    Changes to conservation classes in Queensland

    On 22 August 2020, changes were made to Queensland’s threatened species conservation classes. The classifications and species listings on this website are currently being reviewed, and updated where required, to align with these new classes.