Back on Track research priorities

Harlequin bug  Photo: T. Holmes

Harlequin bug Photo: T. Holmes

Research priorities for some plants and animals native to Queensland have been identified by the Back on Track species prioritisation framework.

The main purpose of Back on Track is to determine which species are priorities for conservation action. However, for some species there is not enough information to decide whether they are at risk. These species are referred to as 'data deficient' by Back on Track. Priority research actions have been defined which will improve our knowledge of these species.

The research priorities for data deficient species may include:

  • surveying known sites
  • looking for new sites
  • taxonomic work
  • checking known records or specimens
  • studying the species' biology and ecology
  • monitoring population status

Research priorities for data deficient animals and plants have been identified for Queensland. This information has also been used to generate data deficient species lists for each of the relevant 14 Natural Resource Management (NRM) regions.

Queensland data deficient species

NRM regions data deficient species

How you can help

Some tasks require specialised skills and knowledge, and may require research permits. Scientists, environmental consultants, park rangers and NRM staff are all encouraged to undertake these tasks.

Tasks such as recording sightings of some species only require a keen interest in natural history. If you would like to participate in recording observations and images of native plants and animals check out these websites:

Atlas of Living Australia

Atlas of Australian Birds

Reef Check Australia

Coral Watch