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Problem crocodiles otherwise resolved responses

Last updated 18 January 2019

The department’s response to a report will be in accordance with the Queensland Crocodile Management Plan. The outcome of the department’s response will be stated in the table. A problem crocodile may also be assessed as no longer a problem crocodile if it has moved to a low-risk situation or has stopped showing the behaviours that made it a problem crocodile.

This table contains all reports of estuarine problem crocodiles otherwise resolved by the department in this calendar month.

Report no. Date report received Report details Departmental response Zone Local government area
2019-008 3/01/2019 Crocodile reported at Collins Avenue, Cairns. Departmental Wildlife Ofifcers will undertake a site assessment and install recent crocodile warning signs at the location. On 4/01/19 the sighting report was referred to contractors to target the animal for removal from the wild. No further action is required. Zone B. Active removal zone Cairns Regional Council

Archived problem crocodiles otherwise resolved

Last updated
18 January 2019