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Problem crocodiles removed

Last updated 13 September 2019

A problem crocodile removed will usually mean that the crocodile has been removed from the wild and placed in a zoo or crocodile farm, or humanely euthanased if it could not be removed.

This table contains all reports of estuarine crocodiles removed by the department in this calendar month.

Report no. Date report received Report details Departmental response Zone Local government area
2019-545 10/09/2019 Crocodile reported at Barron River. Contractor removed 1.78m male crocodile from Barron River. Zone B. Active removal zone Cairns Regional Council
2019-526 8/07/2019 Problem crocodile reported at Flying Fish Point Slipway, Coconuts. Linked to sighting report 2019-336. 3m crocodile declared a problem on 08/07/2019. The animal was captured and removed from the wild 08/07/2019. Zone C. Targeted management zone Cassowary Coast Regional Council
2019-493 2/08/2019 Crocodile reported at Chinaman Creek, Cairns. Crocwise messaging provided. Report forwarded on to contractors for removal. Zone B. Active removal zone Cairns Regional Council

Archived problem crocodiles removed

Last updated
13 September 2019