Koala mapping

New koala habitat mapping for South East Queensland

The Queensland Government has released new koala habitat mapping for South East Queensland to support implementation of the South East Queensland Koala Conservation Strategy, and amended koala conservation protections within the planning framework. This mapping replaces previous koala assessable development area mapping.

Koala Conservation Plan Map

The Koala Conservation Plan Map is provided for by the Nature Conservation (Koala) Conservation Plan 2017, and establishes maps for:

  • Koala Priority Areas - large, connected areas that will focus habitat protection, habitat restoration and threat mitigation to areas that have the highest likelihood of safeguarding koala populations in South East Queensland.
  • Koala habitat areas – areas that are subject to protections under the new koala conservation protections in South East Queensland.
  • Koala districts map – establishes what requirements of the Nature Conservation (Koala) Conservation Plan 2017 apply to each area of Queensland.

Koala habitat restoration areas

In addition to these maps, the Queensland Government has mapped koala habitat restoration areas which identifies land that could be restored and established as koala habitat. These areas feature low threats or constraints, and high conservation opportunities.

Restoration areas are non-statutory and support policy and investment decisions about environmental offsets and habitat restoration activities.

Accessing the map

Property-scale maps – including new koala habitat areas and Koala Priority Areas – can be accessed by downloading a free vegetation management report on the Queensland Government website.

Koala habitat mapping is also available via the Queensland Globe, an interactive map where users can view a range of spatial layers. To view the new koala habitat mapping:

  1. Zoom in to the area of interest on the map, or use the search function.
  2. On the left-hand side of the screen, click Layers. An All Layers panel will appear.
  3. At the top of the panel, click Add layers.
  4. Click the down arrow next to Environment to expand that layer.
  5. Select Koala plan.
  6. Select the map/s that you want to display (note: select both koala habitat area (core) and koala habitat area (locally refined) to see the areas of koala habitat protected in your area).

GIS-software users can download the relevant data via QSpatial.

Spatial modelling for koalas in South East Queensland

The new koala habitat mapping uses regional ecosystem and high-value regrowth mapping, provided by the Queensland Herbarium.

This new mapping identifies the best quality koala habitat, based on modelling of biophysical measures, suitable vegetation (for food and shelter) and koala occurrence records, and is designed to focus the government’s conservation efforts on areas that have the greatest chance of supporting koala populations. The methodology was endorsed by the Koala Expert Panel.

For further information on the new koala habitat mapping, see Spatial modelling for koalas in South East Queensland (PDF, 2.7MB) and the Koala conservation – mapping fact sheet (PDF, 475.0KB) .

Koala broad-hectare area maps

Identified koala broad-hectare areas are established under the Planning Regulation 2017.

Request to make, amend or revoke a koala habitat area

Landholders (or parties acting under consent of the landholder) can now apply to make, amend or revoke koala habitat area mapping on their land, following the approved process, with changes taking effect if it is determined that the map requires amendment to reflect on-ground koala habitat.

A guideline supporting landholders to apply for a map amendment (PDF, 905.8KB) is now available.

Download your application form here.

Landholders will be advised regarding the outcome of their application. If you are unhappy with the determination, you can apply for an internal review.

Approved requests to make, amend or revoke a koala habitat area

The Koala Conservation Plan Map will be updated at least annually to reflect any changes made to the map of koala habitat areas as a result of approved requests to make, amend or revoke a koala habitat area determination, and to reflect any changes in vegetation overtime. Requests to make, amend or revoke a koala habitat area determination that are approved between scheduled updates to the Koala Conservation Plan Map will be maintained here to ensure access to the most up-to-date koala habitat area mapping is available for viewing.

For more information on a particular approved change to the koala habitat area map, email koala.assessment@des.qld.gov.au. Please quote the request reference number.