Improving South East Queensland’s koala habitat regulations

We are reviewing the development regulations that were put in place in 2020 to make sure they are effective and continue to protect koala habitat in South East Queensland (SEQ).

Public consultation on options to improve the regulations ended in June 2023 and the department is considering the submissions received. A Decision Post Implementation Review report will be prepared.

The review considered several options for the regulations:

  1. Leave them as they are.
  2. Make clarifications to the regulations:
    • Clarify what the regulations are for preventing development that impacts koala habitat and which types of development are allowed without permission.
    • Create a way for people to inform the government when they plan to clear koala habitat.
    • Make a new process for people to check if their development plans will impact koala habitat and how they can minimise the impact.
  1. Make changes to and add to the rules: As per option 2, plus:
    • Amend the regulations in relation to what is exempt from needing permission and make it clearer when exemptions apply in part or when other laws also apply.
    • Set clear limits for when development needs to be assessed or prohibited.

Option 3 is the recommended option as it would provide improved guidance and certainty to landholders proposing to clear koala habitat for new small-scale infrastructure, which includes building a house. Compared with the other options, Option 3 would reduce wait times for landholders, more accurately counterbalance development impacts and incentivise avoidance behaviour.

More information on the review is available in the Consultation Post Implementation Review report (PDF, 5.3MB) (Consultation PIR).

Information on the current rules and regulations can be found here: Rules and regulations for development in koala habitat areas and koala priority areas.

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