SEQ koala survey data

Results of Koala Surveys in South East Queensland 2010—2015

The department is conducting koala surveys in the eastern South East Queensland local government areas of Moreton Bay, Noosa, Ipswich, Gold Coast, Redland, Logan, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. As of October 2014, data are available for Moreton Bay, Noosa, Ipswich, Gold Coast, Redland and Logan.  Data for the other areas will be published as they become available. Koala observations were recorded in strip transects, line transects (distance sampling) or through complete searches of small sites. The following tables contain the raw data from the koala surveys including: survey date, survey number, local government area, site name, site description, survey method, transect area or transect length, and the number of adult, sub-adult and juvenile koalas observed.

Please note that this is raw data and should not be relied upon in its current form to make conclusions about the total number of koalas, their density or their distribution in any of these local government areas.  The department aims to have this data analysed with a view to providing information on koala density and distribution in each area.

The full dataset used to create this summary is now available on the Qld Data website.


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The Queensland Government should be appropriately acknowledged when this information is used.

The South East Queensland koala survey raw data (PDF, 300.3KB)  is now available.