Koala threats and mitigation programs

Wednesday 27 October

Threat mitigation and koala care is essential for ensuring the long-term viability of koalas, particularly given the increased vulnerability of populations due to habitat loss and fragmentation. Impacts from high intensity bushfires and climate change, habitat loss, disease, dog attacks and car strikes are some of the threats that affect koalas.

A coordinated and targeted threat reduction program across South East Queensland—involving state and local government, non-government organisations and communities—will be critical to effectively protect koalas in this area.

In this session, learn how Griffith University, the Queensland Government and local governments are taking a coordinated approach to threat mitigation in SEQ. Gain insight into how a researcher has developed a rapid test for detection of Chlamydia pecorum in koalas, the development of a living koala genome bank and a Chlamydia vaccine for koalas.