Securing, protecting and restoring koala habitat

Wednesday 3 November

Habitat restoration increases the overall habitat available for koalas and is vital in reaching our target for a net gain in core koala habitat areas. Restoration can also increase the connectivity between areas of habitat, which is important to the survival of koala populations across the region, enabling movement away from threats and supporting climate change adaptation.

A large proportion of koala habitat in SEQ is on privately-owned land, which means conservation on private land is crucial for the species’ survival. Restoration of koala habitat may provide co-benefits to our environment, landholders and First Nations Peoples by providing habitat for other species and ecosystems, reducing erosion, supporting pest management and carbon sequestration.

The Queensland Government and local governments in SEQ partner with landholders across the state to protect and restore ecosystems by delivering environmental offsets through programs such as Land for Wildlife, the Nature Refuge program and the Land Restoration Fund. These programs also provide opportunities for income diversification and support regional communities.

In this session, representatives from the Queensland Government, local government, non-government organisations, Queensland Trust for Nature and Healthy Land and Water will discuss koala habitat acquisition and rehabilitation programs in SEQ.