Koala Rescue and Rehabilitation Grants

Grant recipients

Applications for round three of the Koala Rescue and Rehabilitation Grants Program closed on 30 January 2015.

Funding for Round three of $222,436 has been awarded to eight organisations throughout Queensland in support of their koala rescue, transport and care activities. Grants are being provided for projects including establishing a koala fodder plantation, construction of pre-release enclosures, provision of specialist equipment and services for koala rescue and critical care, and tailored public education materials and displays on threats and conservation needs for koalas.

Round two of the program allocated $191,195 to 11 organisations largely in South East Queensland in support of their koala rescue, transport and care activities.

Round one of the program allocated $258,339 to 11 organisations for a similar range of projects. All projects have now been completed with fodder trees now established, koala rescue and care facilities improved and expanded and educational displays on koala conservation developed.

    List of successful round three projects

    OrganisationProject descriptionAmount
    Australian Native Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Association Inc.
    This project aims to establish a 500 tree koala fodder plantation to provide leaf for koalas in care situated on the same property$8,158
    Australian Animals Care and Education Inc.This project aims to purchase two purpose built koala enclosures and handling and assessment equipment for sick and injured koalas. It will also establish a 1000 tree koala fodder plantation. The applicant is currently constructing a koala rescue and rehabilitation clinic.$16,420
    Currumbin Wildlife Hospital FoundationThis project aims to maintain koala tree plantation established from round two and the purchase of maintenance equipment and irrigation equipment.$42,248
    Fauna Rescue Whitsundays Association Inc.This project aims to construct two release enclosures, purchase rescue and rehabilitation equipment, provide for training and increase the tree fodder plantation by 100 trees.$22,618
    Wildcare Australia Inc.This project aims to purchase rescue equipment to be used by new koala rescuers and replace equipment that is no longer in working order.$6,460
    Moreton Bay Koala Rescue Inc.This project aims to purchase rescue equipment to be used by carers and volunteer koala rescuers and the construction of koala fencing for the established plantation at organisations location.$12,209
    Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Qld Inc. (RSPCA)This project aims to purchase veterinary equipment vital to the treatment and rehabilitation of orphaned, sick and injured koalas at RSPCA Wildlife Hospital.$73,219
    Return to the Wild Inc.This project aims to update existing and purchase new and effective rescue and rehabilitation equipment.$41,102

    List of successful round two projects

    OrganisationProject descriptionAmount
    Ipswich Koala Protection Society IncorporatedConserve and protect koalas and their habitat through rescue and rehabilitation, education and public awareness.$14,200
    Pine Rivers Koala Care Association IncorporatedUpgrade and equip trained members for difficult koala rescues. Educate and raise public awareness regarding concerns and the values of koalas. Increase group capacity to care for, rehabilitate and release orphaned koalas to the wild.$3,747
    Wildcare Australia IncorporatedEquip members to rescue, rehabilitate and care for orphaned, sick or injured koalas.$4,045
    Currumbin Wildlife Hospital FoundationEstablish a koala fodder plantation and storage facility to supply the increasing food demands of koalas housed long-term at the hospital.$90,909
    Magnetic Island Community Development Association IncorporatedEnable the continuation of quality koala veterinary treatment and rehabilitation on Magnetic Island and nearby areas.$14,505
    Australian Native Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Association IncorporatedBetter equip the group for koala care and rehabilitation in an otherwise poorly serviced area. Provide a relocatable pre-release enclosure that meets best-practice koala care guidelines.$12,764
    Koala Action IncorporatedIncrease capacity for community education on the risks facing koalas, ways to mitigate these risks and strategies for community empowerment and participation in koala conservation.$3,910
    Return to the Wild IncorporatedProvide and equip a local triage and critical care facility, a pre-release enclosure and koala rescue and care equipment to minimise trauma to critically injured koalas waiting for treatment or transfer, alleviate travel needs and retain koalas in familiar surroundings.$27,239
    Manly Road Veterinary HospitalProvide advanced triage assessment and treatment of sick, injured and orphaned koalas.$8,921
    RSPCA Qld Inc.Provide koala tracking and scanning equipment for faster response to roadside incidents; to identify previously cared for koalas, their illnesses or injuries; to mark release sites and determine previous release sites; map koala habitats; and to save and collate data for future use.$5,454
    Sunshine Coast Koala Wildlife RescueEquip group members with crucial equipment for koala rescues to ensure quick and stress-free rescues.$5,500

    List of successful round one projects

    OrganisationProject descriptionAmount
    Australian Rescue and Rehabilitation of WildlifePurchase a koala rescue trap for the earlier treatment of sick koalas.$1,200
    Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors Worldwide Pty LtdPurchase new rescue equipment and fund training courses in tree climbing for additional staff to ensure multiple trained staff members can be on call at any one time. Establish a new 10 hectare eucalypt plantation, providing a long-term secure supply of koala fodder for the koalas in care at the hospital.$165,472
    Currumbin Wildlife Hospital FoundationConstruct a koala rehabilitation facility to greatly expand the ability of the hospital to fully rehabilitate koalas recovering from trauma and disease.$20,661
    Ipswich Koala Protection Society IncorporatedEstablish purpose-built cages to accommodate koalas overnight and short-term at the organisation's clinic. Equip the clinic with a drug safe and digital scales for accurate weights. Update/replace existing rescue equipment and to equip new members with rescue equipment.$10,428
    Koala Action Pine RiversEstablish a koala food tree plantation at Madeline Drive Park on council land to be used by carers from Koala Action Pine Rivers Inc.$12,667
    Magnetic Island Fauna Care OrganisationBuild a safe enclosure to keep koalas overnight to assist vet treatment. Build on existing equipment. Establish a eucalypt plantation.$3,764
    Moreton Bay Koala Rescue IncorporatedProvide the latest equipment and appropriate gear to undertake koala rescue and care activities. Allow the organisation to provide additional rescuers and carers with the tools essential to the task.$4,700
    Pine Rivers Koala Care Association IncorporatedUpdate existing and purchase new and effective rescue and rehabilitation equipment.$4092
    RSPCA Qld Inc.Purchase koala cages and surgical/diagnostic equipment for the new RSPCA Wildlife Hospital at the Brisbane campus.$21,557
    Sunshine Coast Koala Wildlife RescueEquip two accredited tree climber rescuers with tree climbing equipment. Equip new volunteers with rescue gear.$7,500
    Wildcare Australia IncorporatedPurchase rescue and rehabilitation equipment to be used by licensed koala rehabilitators.$6,298