Fraser Island Dingo Conservation and Risk Management Strategy

In July 2013, the department released the Fraser Island Dingo Conservation and Risk Management Strategy (PDF, 7.3MB) .

The strategy establishes an overarching framework for the management of the K’gari (Fraser Island) wild dingo (wongari) population and seeks to promote the best outcomes for wongari conservation and human safety, as well as placing a strong emphasis on the importance of wongari welfare.

The strategy builds on the positive aspects of the past to advocate an approach to adaptive management of wongari on K’gari. The strategy recognises the importance of wongari to the Butchulla People and envisions a future where K’gari supports a sustainable and healthy wongari population that can be safely appreciated by residents, tourism operators and visitors alike.

Priority objectives within the strategy highlight the core challenges for K’gari’s wongari management program and the results the Queensland Government is seeking, namely wongari conservation and human safety.

The strategy includes five key programs that will form the basis of an integrated approach to managing wongari on K’gari including:

  • risk intervention
  • communication and education
  • research
  • evaluation and review
  • compliance.

For more information about the research and evaluation and review programs, refer to the Fraser Island Dingo Strategic Research Program.

The strategy is being delivered through an implementation plan based on the five programs. The plan contains detailed actions and is delivered in partnership with Butchulla. This cooperative partnership commits to the delivery of risk intervention actions that support people having a safe experience and maintaining a healthy and sustainable population of wongari on K’gari.

In 2019, the Queensland Government announced an independent scientific expert panel to be established to review the Implementation Plan for the Fraser Island (K’gari) Dingo Conservation and Risk Management Strategy.

The review was announced following three serious dingo interactions in early 2019.

The panel was tasked with reviewing the effectiveness of management approaches in the Implementation Plan based on best available science and cultural insights and identify ways to improve people safety on the island and protection of wongari. The implementation Plan review was released in 2020

The Queensland Government is committed to monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of these management approaches. To support delivery of the panel findings periodic assessments and evaluation of existing, expanded and new actions will be undertaken. Management approaches and evaluation will be based on the best available science and be informed by cultural, social and conservation considerations.