Problem crocodiles otherwise resolved responses

Last updated 31 March 2020

The department’s response to a report will be in accordance with the Queensland Crocodile Management Plan. The outcome of the department’s response will be stated in the table. A problem crocodile may also be assessed as no longer a problem crocodile if it has moved to a low-risk situation or has stopped showing the behaviours that made it a problem crocodile.

This table contains all reports of estuarine problem crocodiles otherwise resolved by the department in this calendar month.

Report no.Date report receivedReport detailsDepartmental responseZoneLocal government area
2020-14110/03/2020Crocodile reported at Captain Cook Hwy, near Barron River.Recent crocodile warning signs to be installed. Report forwarded to contractors; crocodile to be targeted for removal from the wild.Zone B. Active removal zoneCairns Regional Council

Archived problem crocodiles otherwise resolved