Archived crocodile sightings under the previous crocodile management approach

This page contains links to all sighting reports of estuarine crocodiles received by the department under the previous Crocodile Management Plans and Crocodile Urban Management Areas, which were superseded by the Queensland Crocodile Management Plan on 14 March 2017.

    Unconfirmed crocodile sightings

    Unconfirmed reports include those that have been investigated and the presence of the crocodile has not been confirmed by the department.

    Confirmed crocodile sightings

    Confirmed reports include a crocodile report that has been confirmed by a departmental officer or a suitable delegate (e.g. a police officer) by sighting the animal or an indication of its presence (e.g. a crocodile slide).

    Resolved crocodile of concern

    A resolved crocodile of concern will usually mean that the crocodile has been removed from the wild and placed in a zoo or crocodile farm, or humanely euthanased if it could not be removed.

    A crocodile of concern may also be resolved if the crocodile of concern has moved to a low-risk situation or has stopped showing the behaviours that made it a crocodile of concern.