Flying-Fox Roost Management – Local Government Grants Program

Image of a flying-fox hanging from a tree.
A flying-fox.

The Queensland Government recognises the need for flying foxes to be managed in a way that both addresses community expectations around public amenity and the long-term conservation of these important protected species.

The Flying-Fox Roost Management Local Government Grants Program will enhance the capacity of local governments to deal with problem urban flying-fox roosts and develop and implement comprehensive long-term roost management plans.

The Department of Environment and Science will deliver $2 million in grant funding over the next four years (2021–2024) to assist local governments in Queensland to mitigate the impacts of flying-fox roosts on their communities and to better support residents and businesses to co-exist with flying-foxes.

Since 2013, local governments in Queensland have had an 'as-of-right' authority that enables them to actively manage flying-fox roosts in specified urban areas within their Local Government Area (LGA), provided they comply with a Code of Practice under the Nature Conservation Act 1992 (NC Act). This has allowed local governments to make roost management decisions that best meet the needs and expectations of their communities, in a timely manner, without needing a permit from the Department of Environment and Science.

Funding streams

The funding will be delivered through six competitive rounds over the next four financial years (beginning in 2020–2021) enabling councils to access funding twice annually over this period. All projects will be approximately 50% co-funded by the local government (including in-kind contributions), although the exact contributions may vary in some cases, depending on the financial capability of the local government.

As councils are at different stages of the flying-fox roost management process the grants program provides funding through three distinct but complementary streams.

  • Stream 1: Immediate/high-priority actions—grants to assist councils to carry out immediate high-priority works while longer-term arrangements are developed.
  • Stream 2: Development of roost management plans—grants to assist councils to develop long-term roost management plans for their LGA. Management plans will address particular problem roosts and provide a holistic guide to adaptive management options for roosts over the entire LGA.
  • Stream 3: Implementation of roost management plans—grants to assist councils to implement roost management actions (identified within their management plans) to mitigate the impacts of flying fox roosts and encourage their communities to co-exist with flying-foxes.

More information

Applications for the Flying-Fox Roost Management Local Government Grants Program are now open and will close at 5pm on Wednesday 12 May 2021. For more information, Program Guidelines and how to apply, visit the Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning Grants to Local Government page.