Spotted katydid

Spotted katydid  Photo: Queensland Government

Spotted katydid Photo: Queensland Government

Common name: spotted katydid, mottled katydids

Scientific name: Ephippitytha trigintiduoguttata

Family: Tettigonidae

Conservation status: The spotted katydid is not listed under the Queensland Nature Conservation Act 1992.


The spotted katydid is a grasshopper-like insect that grows up to 6.5 cm. The katydid's wings have 22 brown spots, and it is easy to mistake the insect for a chewed eucalypt leaf.

Habitat and distribution

The spotted katydid can be found in open forests. They are widespread throughout Australia occuring in New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia and Queensland. They are common in Brisbane suburbs.

Life history and behaviour

In summer you may hear the soft call of male katydids from treetops throughout Brisbane. Its favourite food is eucalyptus leaves. The spotted katydid lays its eggs on the edge of leaves.