Rainforest skink

Common name: rainforest skink

Scientific name: Eulamprus tenuis

Family: Scincidae

Conservation status: This species is listed as Least Concern in Queensland (Nature Conservation Act 1992).


The rainforest skink is an agile lizard, coppery to pale brown in colour, with dark brown to black flecks and blotches.

Habitat and distribution

Skinks are Australia's most successful lizards, with 202 species occurring in Queensland. Look for them in rainforest areas and in sclerophyll forests from Queensland's central coast to Bega in eastern New South Wales. They prefer trees but are often found in rocky crevices. Around the house, they like rockeries, rock walls, moist areas and sometimes indoor locations.

Life history and behaviour

Twilight and early morning are times to look for rainforest skinks darting about, feeding on small invertebrates. Most have long tails that they can lose easily when needing to escape a predator. Rainforest skinks give birth to live young.