Possum alarm cicada

Common name: possum alarm cicada, northern greengrocer

Species name: Cyclochila virens

Family: Cicadidae

Conservation status

This species is not listed under the Queensland Nature Conservation Act 1992.


The possum alarm cicada has a bright green body with a greenish-yellow underside and can grow up to 75 mm long with a forewing length of 47 – 62 mm.

Habitat and distribution

The possum alarm cicada is found only in north-east Queensland and prefers rainforest habitats like those around the Atherton Tableland, Mossman Gorge and Mission Beach.

Life history and behaviour

Each cicada species has a unique song and is one of the loudest insects in the world. The song is a mating call produced only by the males. Like the bladder cicada, this cicada calls at dusk, producing its song by vibrating tymbals on either side of its abdomen and amplifying the noise in body cavities.

Adults can be seen from September through to early February.