• Information about caring for wildlife including what to do if you find sick, injured or orphaned wildlife.

  • View a list of selected Queensland animal species including their conservation status, habitat, distribution, life history, behaviour, threatening processes, recovery actions and references.

  • Learn about the threatening processes and practices that are reducing or will reduce the biodiversity and ecological integrity of a regional ecosystem and its wildlife.

  • Learn more about Queensland’s native wildlife including how to live safely alongside them. Our educational activity sheets are a great way to help kids learn more about protected and threatened species.

  • Access species information on Queensland’s native and naturalised plants and animals.

  • Find out about native animal licensing and regulations including protected animal scientific and educational permits and macropod harvesting.

  • Application forms, information sheets and guidelines required for approvals for undertaking certain activities on other state-managed land, such as state forests or marine parks.

Keeping native animals

Find out which native animals require a licence to be kept as a pet.

Wildlife emergencies

View contact details for reporting incidents related to wildlife.