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Our environment


Controlling and reducing pollutants in the air is important for both our health and the environment.


Find out how we will transition to a low carbon, clean growth economy and adapt to the impacts of a changing climate.


Our coast provides valuable ecosystem services that support the state’s economic and social development.

Great Barrier Reef

We are working collaboratively with reef stakeholders to preserve the wonder of the Great Barrier Reef.


Queensland’s diverse heritage contributes to our sense of place, reinforces our identity and helps define what it means to be a Queenslander.

Land contamination

Contaminated sites are managed to protect our health and the environment.

Noise and odour

Environmental nuisance such as odour, noise, dust and light can interfere with our daily activities.

Waste and litter

Household and regulated waste require a higher level of management to prevent harm to our health and environment.


Maintenance of water quality, aquatic biodiversity and habitats is critical for ecological, economic and social well being.

Wildlife and ecosystems

Preserving the biodiversity and ecological integrity of Queensland's regional ecosystems and their wildlife.

World heritage areas

Our World Heritage areas provide highly valuable environmental, recreation and economic services for Queensland.

Last updated
12 June 2018