Water quality data and assessments

Water quality monitoring data

Water quality monitoring data is available from the following Queensland Government web pages:

Information on the Great Barrier Reef Marine Monitoring Program (MMP) is available from the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.

Monitoring and sampling manual

Water quality monitoring is conducted for a variety of reasons by Queensland Government, persons under statutory approvals, and is additionally conducted by other organisations across Queensland. The Monitoring and Sampling Manual 2018 is the primary document to determine the protocols where monitoring is required under legislation. It provides the common techniques, methods and standards for sample collection, handling, quality assurance and control, custodianship and data management for use by Queensland Government agencies, relevant persons and other organisations.

Waterway assessments

Assessments of waterway health have been undertaken and reported in various regions across Queensland. Many of these are multi-disciplinary partnerships involving government, regional NRM bodies, science providers, industry, community and other parties. For a number of these areas, results are expressed as report cards.

Components addressed in waterway assessments can include water quality (e.g. nutrients, sediments, water clarity), habitat (e.g. coral, seagrass, riparian), and socio-economic indicators, depending on the assessment.

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