Sampling procedures for water quality monitoring

The protocols and methods for water quality sampling will vary according to the objectives of the monitoring and sampling activity.

Sampling for legal purposes

Where sampling results are to be used to test water quality compliance under the Environmental Protection Act 1994, strict procedures are required. Details of these procedures can be located in the Water Quality Sampling Manual.

This manual is to be used in deciding protocols under section 18 of the Queensland Environmental Protection (Water and Wetland Biodiversity) Policy 2019. Intended users of the manual are authorised persons appointed under the Act; those who hold instruments under the Act; employees and consultants of those who hold instruments under the Act; and those who analyse samples collected.

Community-based monitoring and water quality testing

Growing awareness and concern about the health of our waterways has resulted in greater community interest in regional and local waterway monitoring. There is a wide range of monitoring objectives amongst community-based groups, from those with a purely educational focus to those collecting higher quality data for regional management purposes.

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