Recycling away from home

    Bin caps and signage

    Bin caps and signage

    While a good rate of recycling is already being achieved through kerbside collections in Queensland, a large amount of recyclable material is still generated away from home and is yet to be captured.

    There is now a much greater expectation in the community that there will be access to recycling facilities wherever they go. The vast majority of Queenslanders would like the option to recycle away from home but are unable to do so due to a lack of available recycling bins.

    Public Place Recycling Program

    The department's two-year Public Place Recycling Program was match funded $500,000 by the Australian Packaging Covenant.

    The Public Place recycling program was established to introduce recycling bins into prominent public places in Queensland at major stadia, shopping centres, national parks, transport hubs and public areas and to develop a new recycling awareness raising campaign.

    Case studies produced under the Public Place Recycling program can be found below:

    Image of plastic bottles that can be recycled.

    Recycling signage and artwork

    To enhance recycling systems located in public spaces, the department prepared a range of 'Do the right thing, use the right bin' sticker, poster, signage and promotional items.