Customer focus


By 2027 we aim to have:

  • Facilitated a responsive and streamlined approach to support Queensland’s economy.
  • Improved guidance material and training for ESR’s customers.

On track

  • Our regulatory efforts are focussed on protecting environmental values while supporting Queensland’s economy.
  • In response to emerging issues, we prioritised publishing customer focussed material such as:
    • a dedicated webpage with COVID-19 information for environmental authority holders
    • point-in-time information for environmental authority holders impacted by disasters such as the significant rain events that occurred in south-east Queensland in 2022.


Action status indicator

  • Complete
  • Awaiting commencement
  • In progress
  • Ongoing
  • Closed



  • We actively monitor our regulatory performance and have a range of indicators that are reported through our Service Delivery Standards (e.g. percentage of identified unlicensed operators who have become licensed, or enforcement action taken within 60 days).
  • Performance results are in the ‘Our Performance’ section of the DES Annual Report which is available online.
  • Performance statistics for Environmental Impact Statements, including timeframes for assessments, are available online.
  • We are investigating options for potential additional online performance statistics.


  • Customers can engage with us online for a range of regulatory processes including:
  • We released the new Online Services digital platform for online customer services and transactions to enable faster and easier interactions with the department.
  • We continued enhancements to the Public Register Portal to provide increased public access to a wider range of data and documents including progressive rehabilitation and closure plans, annual returns and estimated rehabilitation costs.
  • Members of the public can now subscribe to our website to be alerted when an EA application is available for public consultation.
  • We developed dedicated webpages in response to significant environmental matters of community interest, such as the Cleanaway New Chum odour issues.


  • We regularly publish:
  • We have published a customer service charter for management of the pollution hotline, a Queensland Government service for the reporting of pollution and environmental incidents and environmental non-compliance issues.
  • Work has continued on the development of our social media presence and encouraging members of the public to report incidents or illegal activities through the pollution hotline. This has been reinforced by publishing content in relation to compliance outcomes as a result of community reports.