Environmental Performance Indicator Queensland—quarry industry trial reward and recognition scheme

The Environmental Performance Indicator Queensland (EPIQ) scheme has been established to support those environmental licence holders in the quarry industry that go beyond the minimum environmental standard to protect Queensland’s environment.

Driven through a partnership with Cement Concrete & Aggregates Australia (CCAA), the Queensland Government conducted research into motivations and barriers to good environmental management in the quarry industry. Of the respondents, 85% said that they wanted to be rewarded and recognised for good environmental management.

In 2018, over a series of workshops attended by members of the quarry industry, the government and the community, a reward and recognition scheme was co-designed to recognise quarry sites that demonstrate good environmental performance.

What is EPIQ?

Environmental Performance Indicator Queensland (EPIQ) is an environmental performance recognition scheme for quarrying sites that demonstrate good environmental management and go beyond the requirements of one or more of the conditions set on their environmental licence.

This industry-tailored scheme is not only the first of its kind in Queensland, but it is the first time quarries can be formally recognised and rewarded by government in Australia.

The 12-month scheme trial started in October 2018.

Benefits of taking part

EPIQ is a voluntary site-specific scheme open to all privately-owned quarry sites in Queensland, which have had no compliance issues in the previous 12-months, go beyond the requirements of one or more of their environmental authority conditions and meet criteria (PDF, 190.6KB) demonstrating a commitment to best practice.

Successful participants will receive a gold, silver or bronze medallion which can be used to promote their quarry site.

Quarries that participate in EPIQ indicate to the community, the department and broader industry that the site is committed to good environmental management—taking responsibility for ensuring that their activities do not cause unlawful harm to the environment.

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