Gladstone region air quality reports

    Benchmarking atmospheric emissions

    These reports benchmark atmospheric emissions from major industrial activities in the Gladstone area against similar activities operating elsewhere in the world. Information from these reports (and other sources) was used in developing the emissions inventory for the Gladstone airshed. Data used in the preparation of these reports is publicly available information sourced from Australia, Canada, the European Union, Japan and the United States of America.

    Community health assessment

    Reports relating to the community health component of the project are published in this section of the website.

    'Clean and Healthy Air for Gladstone: Key pollutant inventory and Suite of health outcomes to be assessed' is a discussion paper in its final form, having undergone both community consultation and independent external review.

    Professor Brian Priestly's comments on the original draft document are also available below.

    • Clean and Healthy Air for Gladstone: Key pollutant inventory and suite of health outcomes to be assessed (see availability)
    • Clean and Healthy Air for Gladstone: First Report of the Independent Reviewer of the Human Health Risk Assessment (HHRA) component of the Clean and Healthy Air for Gladstone project - Prof. Brian Priestly (see availability)

    Health Assessment Report (Phase 1)—Data Analysis from Existing Health Datasets

    This report provides results from information extracted and analysed from hospitalisation, death, cancer and perinatal (birth) registries for the Gladstone area.

    • Clean and Healthy Air for Gladstone: Interim Report Health Assessment Phase 1: Summary of Data Analysis from Existing Health Datasets (see availability)

    Health Assessment Report (Phase 2)—Data Analysis from the Community Health Survey

    This report provides the results of the community health survey which was completed by the Office of the Government Statistician on behalf of Queensland Health in October 2008. At the end of the report a discussion is provided outlining the overall findings from both the extraction of health data and the community health survey, providing a picture of the health of Gladstone area residents.

    Health risk assessment final reports

    The final human health risk assessment report relates to data collected from the full expanded air quality monitoring program in the Gladstone area—from November 2008 to March 2010. The report provides summary data, comparisons with national and international air quality standards and guidelines, and discussion about the degree to which exposure to those levels of the various pollutants might pose a potential risk to human health.

    The human health risk assessment summary provides an abridged version presenting the main findings discussed in more detail in the full report.

    Clean and Healthy Air for Gladstone Project final report

    The final report documents the outcomes and findings of the Clean and Healthy Air for Gladstone Project. The report summarises the methodology and outcomes of earlier reports and advances that body of work to provide recommendations for managing air quality in the Gladstone region.

    The implementation plan identifies actions and timeframes for implementing the recommendations contained in the final report.

    Available from the library catalogue

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