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Issues of the Environmental Regulatory Update newsletter can be found below:

Environmental Regulatory Updates for 2021

  • #Issue 64 – July 2021
    Book Now for the Australian Water Association (AWA) North Queensland Regional Conference 2021
    What is temperature inversion?
    A reminder that plastics ban commences 1 September 2021
    Mt Isa operator fined for inappropriate waste storage
    Reports released on CSG brine management
    Improvements to Online Services platform
    New End of Waste Code for waste garnet sand
    Archerfield car wreckers clean-up site following fine
  • #Issue 63 – June 2021
    Opportunity for Queenslanders to have their say on the future of the resource industry
    Operator fined for Park Ridge fire
    Environmental Impact Assessment performance and Timeframes
    Ensham Life of Mine Extension Project
    Proposed Saraji East Mining Lease Project
    Maryborough fridge cemetery cleaned up after PIN and Direction Notice
    New reef discharge standards for industrial activities commenced 1 June 2021
  • #Issue 62 – April 2021
    New online Public Register Portal is available now
    Review of composting guidance
    Public consultation on End of Waste Codes
    Operators conducting illegal activities in Queensland waste industry
    Odour Abatement Taskforce (OAT) and compliance actions
  • #Issue 61 – March 2021
    Queensland-first PFAS background monitoring report
    Publication of new model operating conditions for aquaculture
    Public consultation open on the draft guideline for Reef industrial standards that commence 1 June 2021
    Updated PRCP and ERC statutory guidelines
    DES fines Ipswich company after odour complaints
    Single-use plastic items ban
    Illegal dumping in Beerburrum state forest
  • #Issue 60 – February 2021
    Update to the department’s spatial information requirements and guidance
    Unlicensed Waste Team
    Guideline - Prevention of fires in waste stockpiles
    Company fined $60,000 for providing false and misleading information
    Potential impacts to waterway inhabitants due to a wetter Summer

Environmental Regulatory Updates for 2020

  • #Issue 59 – December 2020
    Online Services
    Changes to annual returns
    Amendments to Environmental Protection Regulation - Transhipping Activities
    Reef protection regulations roll out in the Wet Tropics and Burdekin regions
    Have you seen any lerps lately?
    Summer algal blooms
    Submission of End of Waste Codes
  • #Issue 58 – September 2020
    Quarry fined $20,000 for contravening an environmental authority condition
    Company fined $30,000 for operating without a relevant environmental authority
    Changes to Environmental Protection Act 1994 to establish better rehabilitation commissioner
    Annual Strategic Compliance Priorities
    Changes to annual returns
    Draft end of waste codes for public consultation
    DES Pre-wet season webinar
    Transferring petroleum infrastructure to landholders
  • #Issue 57 – July 2020
    $8000 fine for taking crocodile illegally
    Investigation into illegally dumped drums at Yeppoon
    New end of waste code—abattoir pond sludge and crust
    Drones helping to investigate environmental nuisances
    Proposed new laws before Queensland Parliament
  • #Issue 56 – June 2020
    Investigation into unlawful tyre stockpiling
    COVID-19 information for environmental authority holders
    Connect user fee removal
    Waste operator fined $30,000 for contravening an environmental protection order
    Pollution Hotline
    Trial of remote, real-time environmental monitoring rolled out
  • Issue #55 – February 2020
    Prosecution proceedings against Adani Mining Pty Ltd
    Councils to receive funds to fight illegal dumping
    End of waste code for ACQ treated timber shavings
    New protections for SEQ koalas
    Applications open for Queensland carbon farming projects
  • Issue #54 – January 2020
    Waste processing facility convicted of eight offences against EP Act
    Sand mining company convicted of four offences against EP Act
    Order a Reef protection regulations information kit
    2020 Carbon farming opportunities
    Cedar Grove Environmental Centre demonstrates innovation in delivering sewage treatment

Environmental Regulatory Updates for 2019

  • Issue #53 – November 2019
    Operator of tyre recycling facilities convicted of 65 offences against the EP Act
    Have your say: Proposed Saint Elmo Vanadium Project
    New Reef protection regulations
  • Issue #52 – October 2019
    Two men found guilty of unlawfully taking a protected animal
    Progressive Rehabilitation and Closure Plan requirements for mining to commence 1 November 2019
    Reef protection Bill passed by Parliament
    New environmental protection regulation and policies now in effect
  • Issue #51 – September 2019
    Queensland Alumina Limited (QAL) pleads guilty to four non-wilful contraventions of its environmental authority
    Waste tyre receivers in Queensland now need an environmental authority
    Open-cut coal mine pleads guilty to causing serious environmental harm and other offences
  • Issue #50 – August 2019
    New Environmental Protection Regulation and Environmental Protection Policies
    Reef protection laws – keep up to date
    Calling for EOI to become an Accredited Agricultural Advisor
  • Issue #49 – July 2019
    Guideline on regulated waste categorisation released
    Have your say: Energy from Waste Policy discussion paper
  • Issue #48 – June 2019
    Waste transfer business pleads guilty to contravening a condition of its environmental authority
    Defendant observed crabbing in a conversation park, fined $11,000
    Defendants plead guilty to offences relating to unlawfully camping in a protected area
    Consultation on proposed inclusion of mining tenures in the Surat cumulative management area
    Have your say: draft progressive rehabilitation and closure plan guideline
  • Issue #47 – May 2019
    Important changes to waste-related ERAs
    Waste levy fact sheet
    Notice inviting comment on draft end of waste code
    Ipswich community survey
  • Issue #46 – April 2019
    Individual fined for parking on sand dunes in a recreation area
    Financial provisioning scheme commences
    New schedule of waste-related ERAs
    Waste levy obligations, applications and forms
    Odour Abatement Taskforce update
  • Issue #45 – March 2019
    Tyre recycling and waste transport company found guilty of 58 offences against the Environmental Protection Act 1994 Bill introduced to Parliament to strengthen Reef protection laws
    Waste levy is now law
    Have your say on the draft Waste Strategy
  • Issue #44 – February 2019
    Petrol release results in fine for serious environmental harm
    Draft waste strategy released
    Waste levy update
    New waste tracking code for PFAS wastes
  • Issue #43 – January 2019
    Department successful in obtaining court orders in relation to a mine's water storage in North Queensland
    Defendant pleads guilty to lighting a fire within recreational area
    New end of waste codes
    Littering and illegal dumping prevention - Far North Queensland

Environmental Regulatory Updates for 2018

  • Issue #42 – December 2018
    Steel manufacturing company pleads guilty to contravening its EA
    Timber company fined for conducting activity without an EA
    Public Register – New spatial search now available
    Odour Abatement Taskforce update
    Environmental Protection (Waste ERA Framework) Amendment Regulation 2018 approved - Stage 1 changes commenced
    Chain of Responsibility review tabled
    State of the Environment Report 2017
  • Issue #41 – November 2018
    Search for tidal works approvals using Queensland GlobePassage of the Mineral and Energy Resources (Financial Provisioning) Bill 2018
    Notice inviting comment on draft end of waste codes
    Waste levy commencement update
    Quarrying company pleads guilty to offences under the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2003

  • Issue #40 – October 2018
    Defendant fined $1800 after pleading guilty to fishing in marine national park zone
    The DES Annual Report 2017 – 2018
    Regulated waste amendment approved
    Notice inviting comment on draft end of waste code
    Updated Wetlands ‘legislation toolbox’ available on WetlandInfo2018 Stormwater Queensland Awards for Excellence
  • Issue #39 – September 2018
    $250,000 fine for Dianne Mining for evading environmental responsibilities
    Revised contaminated land auditor handbook released
    Waste levy legislation
    Have your say on the draft waste regulation
  • Issue 38/2018 – August 2018
    Pipeline Failure a crude awakening for an oil company
    A Mackay company’s crushing result from waste water release
    Inadequate storage of liquid waste puts site at risk of harm
    A new resource recovery and waste strategy for Queensland
    Event: Construction Materials Environmental Management Conference 2018
    Odour Abatement Taskforce
  • Issue 37/2018 – July 2018
    Prosecutions finalised in July Getting ready for financial assurance and rehabilitation reforms
    Have your say on Queensland Murray-Darling and Bulloo River Basin
    Regulatory and non-regulatory fees available online
  • Issue 36/2018 – June 2018
    Linc Energy’s environmental offences
    End of waste codes
    Have your say on the State’s new waste strategy
    Fee changes from 1 July 2018
  • Issue 35/2018
    Linc Energy fined $4.5million for ‘ecological vandalism’
    Narangba company fined $130,000 for mishandling oily waste
    Standardising water monitoring across the state
  • Special edition April 2018
    Have your say on the review of the Environmental Chain of Responsibility laws
  • Issue 34/2018
    Investigation and prosecution of Linc Energy Limited.
    Comment on: proposed Saint Elmo Vanadium Project before 2 May 2018.
    Comment on: draft end of waste code before 7 May 2018.
  • Issue 33/2018
    Prosecution: Individual fined for $45 000 for illegal waste activities.
    Prosecution: $36 000 fine and costs for unlawfully transporting asbestos.
    Prosecution: $30 000 fine and costs for contravening a condition of approval
  • Issue 32/2018
    Non compliance with court orders not tolerated....
    Prosecution: $900 fine for driving on a pedestrian only beach in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Have your say on new end of waste codes ...
    New legislation to reform financial assurance and mining rehabilitation performance
  • Issue 31/2018
    Unitywater Yandina Creek Wetland official opening
    Consultation re-opened until 19 February 2018: Enhanced reef protection regulations RIS
    Public notification of draft terms of reference (TOR): Walton Coal Project

Environmental Regulatory Updates for 2017

  • Issue 30/2017
    Operation TORA continues to crackdown on unlawful waste activity
    Pre-wet season checks underway
    Joint inspections form closer bonds between the department and councils
    PFAS National Environmental Management Plan
    Have your say on Protecting Queensland’s environment
    Have your say on Enhanced reef protection regulation RIS
  • Issue 29/2017
    Prosecution: $25,000 in fines for illegally transporting asbestos
    New PINs for wildlife offences as at 1 September 2017
    ‘no pain, no gain’ for water management
    Have your say on: waste transport and reef protection
  • Issue 28/2017
    Prosecution: Brisbane man receives prison time for providing false information on an environmental application
    Revised mining financial assurance calculator available
    No GST for waste tracking fees
    Construction Materials Environmental Management Conference
    Queensland driving sweet fuel for Australia
    Have your say on…waste reform by 25 August, and water monitoring by 30 September 2017
  • Issue 27/2017
    Queensland nickel company not worth a dime after being wound-up
    5-day coastal approvals through SARA FastTrack5
    Waste Act amendment to include bag ban and a container refund scheme
    Regulatory and non-regulatory fees available online
    Industry driving mine rehabilitation in Queensland
    Keep an eye on our LinkedIn page for opportunities
    It only takes 3mins…
  • Issue 26/2017
    Have your say on the draft monitoring and sampling manual by 31 July 2017
    Have your say on draft environmental values and water quality objectives before 30 June 2017 Increase to fees from 1 July 2017
    Revised Financial Assurance calculators available Queensland’s waste disposal and recovery trends from 2015–16
  • Issue 25/2017
    Prosecutions Have your say on the financial assurance framework by 15 June 2017
    Have your say on ‘Better Mine Rehabilitation for Queensland’ by 15 June 2017
    THANK YOU for your survey responses
  • Issue 24/2017
    Prosecutions Chain of Responsibility EPO guideline
    Online environmental authorities register has expanded
    Have your say on new end of waste codes by 31 March 2017
    More of Connect is being released soon

Environmental Regulatory Updates for 2016

  • Issue 23/2016
    Underground Water Management Bill
    Interaction with the department via new Connect system
    Automatic commencement of provisions from EPOLA 2014
    Amendments to the EP Act and commencement of MERCP 2014
  • Issue 22/2016
    Prosecutions in Moreton Bay Marine Park
    Prosecution of a NQ mining company and rehabilitation order
    Sign up to Cement Concrete and Aggregates Australia (CCAA)
  • Issue 21/2016
    Reinstatement of protected area categories
    Ensuring contaminated land auditors' accountability
    Environmental Protection Legislation Amendment Regulation (No.1) 2016
    The department's Strategic Plan 2016-2020
  • Issue 20/2016
    Amendments to the North Stradbroke Island Protection and Sustainability and Other Acts Amendment Act 2016Penalty Infringement Notice Penalty Unit Increase
    Increases to fees
  • Issue 19/2016
    Amendments to the Environmental Protection Act 1994 - Environmental Protection (Chain of Responsibility) Amendment Act 2016
    Prosecution bulletins 3/2016 and 4/2016
    Updates to Transitional Environmental Program (TEP) forms, guidelines and notices
  • Issue 18/2016
    Prosecution bulletin 5/2016 Guideline for Financial Assurance under the Environmental Protection Act 1994 Amendments to the Environmental Protection Act 1994 – Environmental Protection (Chain of Responsibility) amendment Bill 2016
  • Issue 17/2016
    Amendments to North Stradbroke Island legislation – now Prosecution bulletin 1/2016 Prosecution bulletin 2/2016

Environmental Regulatory Updates for 2015

  • Issue 16/2015
    Updated Compliance guidelines for clean up notices, environmental protection orders and environmental evaluations Prosecution bulletins 10 to 16 of 2015 Contaminated land provisions commenced 30 September
  • Issue 15/2015
    Commencement of provisions of the Environmental Protection and Other Legislation Amendment act 2014 Amendments to the Environmental Protection Regulation 2008
  • Issue 14/2015
    Amendment to maintenance notices under the Queensland Heritage Act 1992 Prosecution bulletin 9/2015 Prosecution bulletin 3/2015 Prosecution bulletin 2/2015
  • Issue 13/2015
    Cancellation of Transitional Environmental Programs and Temporary Emissions Licences
    Contaminated Land Reforms
    AELERT Conference Brisbane 28-29 October
  • Issue 12/2015
    Prosecution bulletin 1/2015
    Guideline: The environmental impact statement process for resource projects under the Environmental Protection Act 1994
    External Environmental Management Seminar 8 September 2015