Summary of changes to penalty infringement notices (PINs) relating to the Coastal Protection and Management Act 1995

New PINs
Section Offence description New penalty unit
Individual Corporation
65(3) Requirement for the seller to give the buyer written advice of the undischarged notice in the prescribed time 5 25
67(2) Requirements as to the placing of signs on unallocated State land 5 25
69(1) Obligation that a person must not damage or remove vegetation or damage coastal dunes 10 50
80(2) Requirements concerning the allocation holder to give information 3 10
101(1) Requirement that a person must not remove quarry material without a reasonable excuse 20 100
101(2) Requirement that a person must not contravene a condition of an allocation notice without reasonable excuse 20 100
120CA Requirement that a holder of an exemption certificate must comply with condition 5 25
138(1) Obligation of a person to provide a name and address if formally requested by an authorised person 3 10