Recognised entity reports

Section 215(2)(l) of the Environmental Protection Act 1994 (EP Act) provides the department with the discretionary power to amend existing environmental authorities (EAs) on the basis of a report made by or for, or approved by, a recognised entity (i.e. a recognised entity report). Following the approval of a recognised entity report, the department may choose to amend applicable EAs. If the department determines that this approach is necessary, the department would engage with affected EA holders and relevant industry representative associations prior to making any amendments. The procedure for amending an EA is provided for under sections 216 to 221 of the EP Act.

Critical Evaluation of Composting Operations and Feedstock Suitability Report

In response to a Queensland Government commitment to commission an independent report to review EA waste acceptance criteria for composting operations, the department engaged Arcadis Australia Pty Ltd to deliver the Critical Evaluation of Composting Operations and Feedstock Suitability Report.

The department has recognised this report as a recognised entity report under section 215(2)(l) of the EP Act. A copy of the report is provided below. All enquiries in relation to this report should be emailed to Please do not contact the report’s author in relation to the report contents or how the department may use the report.

Phase 1 – Odour issues

Phase 2 - Contamination