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The list below contains publications that are not ERA specific. To access publications relevant to an individual ERA, select from the list of categories on the left of the web page.

NOTE: This list does not include publications that are specific to mining or petroleum activities.

    Applications and processing


    Environmental authority administration

    ERA standards

    ERA standards, which include eligibility criteria and standard conditions, have been developed for low risk activities. A standard application process applies. Activities that have an ERA standard are listed below.

    If your activity is on the list, you should check that you can meet the eligibility criteria, and comply with the activity's standard conditions.

    Note: The ERA Standards refer to the Environmental Protection Regulation 2008, which was repealed and replaced by the Environmental Protection Regulation 2019 on 1 September 2019. A reference to the repealed regulation or a repealed provision in the ERA Standards should be read as a reference to the replacement regulation or the corresponding provision in the replacement regulation.

    Codes of environmental compliance as environmental authority conditions

    An environmental authority may include conditions from a code of environmental compliance. Copies of these conditions are available at:

    These conditions do not apply for new applications for these activities. ERA standards (consisting of eligibility criteria and standard conditions) apply for new operations for these activities. ERA standards are available above (also available from the Business Queensland website by searching for activities suitable for standard applications).


    Orphan incident clean-up scheme

    The orphan incident clean-up scheme may reimburse local governments for cleaning up material or serious environmental harm incidents where the polluter cannot be pursued.

    To request a copy of this form email palm@des.qld.gov.au

    Environmental nuisance or incident complaint form

    Reef discharge standards to Great Barrier Reef Catchment waters

    New sediment and nutrient discharge standards for new, expanded or intensified point source activities now apply. Under section 41AA of the Environmental Protection Regulation 2019 environmental authority applications that propose to release fine sediment or dissolved inorganic nitrogen (DIN) to Great Barrier Reef catchment waters must demonstrate a no net decline to Reef water quality. The department must refuse an application if the activity will, or may, result in residual impacts to the Reef catchment from dissolved inorganic nitrogen and fine sediment from a point source release.

    Further guidance on the new Reef discharge standards and the additional information that should be submitted with an environmental authority application to address section 41AA of the EP Regulation has been described in the Guideline—Reef discharge standards for industrial activities—ESR/2021/5627.