Operational policies

    Environmental Protection Act 1994

    SectionOperational policy
    s.211What is a clerical or formal error?—ESR/2015/1676 (PDF, 180.5KB)
    s.521Application for a review of an original decision when sufficient information has not been supplied—ESR/2015/1739 (PDF, 206.9KB)
    s.521Which officers review original decisions?—ESR/2015/1737 (PDF, 57.8KB)

    Environmental Protection Regulation 2019

    SectionOperational policy
    Schedule 2
    Item 14
    Monitoring stack emissions from natural gas-fired power stations—ESR/2015/1610 (PDF, 188.1KB)
    Schedule 2
    Item 57
    Regulated waste transport—ESR/2015/1863 (PDF, 322.1KB)

    Environmental Protection (Water and Wetland Biodiversity) Policy 2019