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A Receiving Environment Monitoring Program (REMP) may be required for an activity that releases contaminants to waters. The aim of a REMP is to monitor and assess the potential impacts of contaminants releases to the environment. A REMP will help evaluate whether the conditions on the licence are effectively maintaining or protecting environment values over time. The above guidelines provide guidance for implementing a REMP where a proponent is required to do so by the administering authority. Please use the Fitzroy Basin regional receiving environment monitoring program guideline for activities in the Fitzroy Basin only.

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Noise Measurement Manual—ESR/2016/2195 (PDF, 559.4KB)

Noise monitoring is conducted by the Queensland Government to assist in policy and investment decision-making, support environment management decisions by government and industry, and assess the impacts on the community and environment. The Noise Measurement Manual facilitates consistency and reliability of noise measurement by explaining how to:

  • Plan a noise measurement
  • Take on-site source and background noise measurements
  • Determine component levels by removing ambient noise
  • Make adjustments to account for tonal and impulsive characteristics
  • Report noise measurements.