Santos environmental authority amendment application (APP0059373)

Project overview

Current stage

  • Information request stage

Proponent (applicant)

  • Santos GLNG Pty Ltd
  • Total GLNG Australia
  • PAPL (Downstream) Pty Limited
  • KGLNG Liquefaction Pty Ltd

Application type

  • Existing EA amendment application

Application received

  • 28 August 2020

Primary activity

  • Petroleum and gas


  • Curtis Island, Gladstone

Local government area

  • Gladstone Regional Council

Application summary

The existing environmental authority currently authorises 5 minutes of black smoke during any two-hour period for certain flaring events.

The amendment application seeks a change to the circumstances, frequency and limits of visible smoke currently allowed to include an additional 30–90 minutes of visible smoke to be produced during daylight hours per event, up to 7 hours a year and 14 events per year.

Application and supporting documents

Application and supporting documents can be viewed by searching the Petroleum and gas lease applications or amendment table on the department’s website.

The specific application can be found by filtering the table by applicant name, tenure number or a number of other fields.


The process for the assessment of this project is as follows:

  1. Application stage
    EA application (or amendment application) submitted to department
  2. Public notification stage
    Public can view the EA application (or amendment application) and provide feedback
  3. Information request stage
    Department may request further information from applicant
  4. Decision stage
    Department decides whether to approve EA application (or amendment application)

Key dates summary

  • 26 August 2020—Application received by department.
  • 16 December 2020—The department requested further information from applicant.
  • 19 November to 17 December 2020—Public notification stage. Submissions have now closed.
  • 16 June 2021—Applicant must respond to information request by this date.

Further information

  • For enquiries relating to this EA amendment application submit an online enquiry using the contact us form on the department’s website or contact the department on 1300 130 372 (Option 4).

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