Environmental authority amendment application – The Queensland Gas Company (QGC), Gladstone


On Curtis Island, near Gladstone, there are three LNG production facilities that have been licensed through the granting of environmental authorities (EAs) by the department. These EAs limit the amount of visible smoke permitted to be released during the facilities’ gas flaring process.

In May 2017, the department received an application to amend the environmental authority for one LNG production facility, the Queensland Gas Company (QGC). QGC is seeking permission to increase the amount of black smoke permitted to be released from its LNG production facility.

Gas flaring is designed to provide safe disposal of gas and vapour in the LNG process. During normal operations, a small flame will operate continuously from the flare stack. The flare helps to ensure any gas released through it is burnt to minimise impacts on the surrounding area.

Environmental authority amendment application

As part of their application process, the department directed QGC to advertise its amendment application and hold two public meetings to provide information to the local community about its proposal to increase the amount of black smoke permitted to be released from its LNG facility.

During the QGC’s 30-business day public notification period during July and August 2017, members of the community and other interested organisations were able to have their say on the amendment application.

The department issued an information request notice to QGC, on 23 June 2017. The department received a response from QGC on 28 August 2017.

You can view the amendment application on the department’s Current environmental authority application or amendment documents page (see application number AR100538). You can view the information request response from QGC.

Next steps

The department will consider all information in making a decision on the application, including:

  • the original application material
  • the response to the information request notice and
  • the submissions received from the public.

Further information about Gladstone air quality

Gladstone residents can view air quality monitoring on the department's website. There are monitoring stations across Gladstone which provide data on the concentrations of the key pollutants likely to be influencing air quality.

Gladstone residents concerned about Curtis Island flares can contact the department's pollution hotline on 1300 130 372.