Military exercises

General information

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) may get permission to access certain state-managed lands to conduct military survival exercises. These uses of parks and forests are carefully regulated to ensure that they do not impact on the conservation or management values of the area.

The ADF may take common animals for use in survival exercises for defence force personnel on land under management of the defence forces without any licences under the Nature Conservation Act 1992. However, the ADF needs a collection authority to take and keep common animals under Military Standing Orders if they want to take wildlife as part of survival training for defence force personnel.

The ADF is not permitted to take threatened animals when conducting survival exercises.

You can also read the legislation online by visiting the Office of Queensland Parliamentary Counsel website.

Permits and approvals

To apply for this type of authority, you need to lodge a completed application form.

Forms and fees

Please download an application form; contact Permit and Licence Management or email for assistance.

Application form: Collection authority (Military Standing Orders) (DOC, 381.5KB)

Return of operations: Collection authority to take and keep least concern wildlife (under Military Standing Order). (DOC, 223.0KB)