Keeping private collections

General information

Keeping private collections of dead protected wildlife

A collection authority for dead protected wildlife may be issued, under the Nature Conservation Act 1992, to an individual or to an institution such as a school, university or educational institution. It is used to keep a collection of dead protected wildlife for reference purposes where the educational purposes permit is not appropriate.

This type of authority can only be issued for a dead protected animal, and cannot be granted for a live animal.

You can also read the legislation online by visiting the Office of Queensland Parliamentary Counsel website.

Pre-lodgement service

The department offers a service to guide applicants through the assessment process. The service includes meeting with a departmental project manager to discuss the information that must be provided with your application.

This service can be initiated by contacting Permit and Licence Management or by email at or completing a Pre-design conference application form. If a meeting is required to discuss your application in more detail, a departmental officer will contact you directly.

Permits and approvals

To apply for this type of authority, you need to lodge a completed application form.

Forms and fees

Please download an application form; contact Permit and Licence Management or email for assistance.

Application form: Collection authority (dead protected wildlife) (DOC, 381.5KB)