Keeping particular wildlife

General information

Keeping particular protected wildlife under a permit to keep wildlife

The Nature Conservation Act 1992 permits various activities involving wildlife through a range of licences, permits and authorities. A "permit to keep wildlife" may be issued to allow the holder to keep wildlife, but not use it, for various reasons.

Strict conditions apply under a permit to keep wildlife, including a restriction on breeding (other than birds). The permit holder is also not allowed to buy or accept, sell or give away wildlife held under the permit except in limited circumstances.

A person who keeps an animal under a permit to keep wildlife is not allowed to display the animal, or sell or give the animal away.

You can also read the legislation online by visiting the Office of Queensland Parliamentary Counsel website.

Permits and approvals

To apply for this type of permit, you need to lodge a completed application form.

Forms and fees

Please download an application form; contact Permit and Licence Management or email for assistance.