Commercial trade of live and dead protected wildlife

General information

The Nature Conservation Act 1992 allows certain species of native animals to be kept and traded commercially. A commercial wildlife licence is needed to trade some species of native wildlife in Queensland, however, some species (e.g. budgerigars) may be sold without a licence.

The commercial trade in dead wildlife is also managed under the Nature Conservation Act 1992. A commercial wildlife licence is needed to process and sell dead protected animals commercially. This includes commercial macropod meat or skin processing facilities and taxidermists.

A commercial wildlife licence is also needed to import and trade certain dead wildlife products.

You can also read the legislation online by visiting the Office of Queensland Parliamentary Counsel website.

Pre-lodgement service

The department offers a service to guide applicants through the assessment process. The service includes meeting with a departmental project manager to discuss the information that must be provided with your application.

This service can be initiated by contacting Permit and Licence Management or by email at or completing a Pre-design conference application form (DOCX, 183.9KB) . If a meeting is required to discuss your application in more detail, a departmental officer will contact you directly.

Permits and approvals

Through the department's online licensing system, Connect, you can:

  • update and manage your contact, address and business information online
  • complete applications and instantly submit online
  • make online payments via credit card
  • have access to online lodgement of annual returns.

Learn more about Connect or watch the following animations with different scenarios:

To apply for any commercial wildlife licence, please register with Connect.

Applications are still be accepted outside of the department's online licensing system (Please complete the Commercial wildlife licence (live protected animals) (DOC, 376.5KB) or Commercial wildlife licence (dead protected animals excluding macropods) (DOC, 225.5KB) . However, paper-based applications will not have the benefits associated with transacting online, and incomplete information will be returned to you for review and resubmission.

Important notes using Connect

If you currently hold a commercial wildlife licence granted under the Nature Conservation Act 1992 before Connect commenced, your existing licence information will not be available in Connect, either immediately or in the future. Only new applications processed under Connect will be available.

There are codes of practice adopted under the Nature Conservation Act 1992 concerning the commercial trade of wildlife. If you get a commercial wildlife licence for live birds or reptiles, the following codes will be relevant to your business:

Forms and fees

Please download an application form, contact Permit and Licence Management or email for assistance.

Note that an application kit for commercial wildlife licence (dead macropods) may be obtained by contacting the department/QPWS office in Charleville on phone (07) 4654 1255.

Available from the library catalogue

The documents referred to on this page are available from the department’s online library catalogue.