Interactions with protected animals

    Interaction licence

    If you interact with protected animals in the wild as part of your business, you will need an interaction licence, unless you hold another licence that allows you to interact with the animal.

    Is my activity part of my business?

    The department will consider the following activities to be part of your business if:

    • the activity is marketed as part of your normal business
    • the activity is advertised in any brochure or advertising material and occurs at a scheduled time, even if the activity occurs infrequently
    • clients pay to participate in the activity or
    • your major business is not related to the activity, however, you derive benefit, including public notoriety, for your main business as a result of conducting the activity.

    Your activity will not be considered to be a part of your business if it is opportunistic or random in nature.

    You will not need an interaction licence if you have another licence or permit that allows you to carry out the activity. For example an exhibited animals authority issued by the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries or a research permit.

    You can also read the legislation online by visiting the Office of Queensland Parliamentary Counsel website.

    Pre-lodgement service

    The department offers a service to guide applicants through the assessment process. The service includes meeting with a departmental project manager to discuss the information that must be provided with your application.

    This service can be initiated by contacting Permit and Licence Management or by email at or completing a Pre-design conference application form (DOCX, 278.4KB) . If a meeting is required to discuss your application in more detail, a departmental officer will contact you directly.

    Permits and approvals

    Before you apply for this type of licence, you must have an approved interaction plan. You may choose to complete the interaction plan template (DOCX, 116.3KB) or prepare your own plan that considers, at a minimum, all the things in the template and any other material you consider relevant.

    For new interaction activities, applicants are encouraged to seek a pre-lodgement meeting with the department.

    To apply for an interaction licence, you will need to lodge a completed application form.

    There are two ways to do this – online or using a paper-based form.

    1. Online (via Online Services)
      In order to access Online Services either log intoOnline Services (if already registered) or register with Online Services first
    2. Use of a paper-based form by downloading
      You may download the application form which contains instructions on its completion. If you have any queries about how to complete this form correctly or need guidance, please contact Permits and Licensing on 1300 130 372 option 4 or email

    Deciding your application

    • Applications may take up to 40 business days to process.
    • If we need to ask you for further information or documents to support your application, it could take a further 20 business days from when you respond to the request to decide your application.
    • The more comprehensive and detailed your application is, the more promptly the department is able to make a decision.

    Applications may either be granted with conditions or refused based on legislative or policy requirements.

    If your application is successful, you will have to comply with your interaction plan. Therefore you should make sure that you don't embellish the extent of your activities or the commitment you make concerning dealing with wildlife conflict arising from your actions.

    Reporting for an interaction licence

    Subject to a licence being granted, you will be required to submit a return of operations online through Online Services or by downloading the paper-based form and emailing this to

    The return of operations is required to be submitted to the department every 12 months, and within 10 business days upon the expiry the permit, including when NIL animals have been interacted with under the permit.

    A user guide and a short video which shows you how to update and submit your return of operations online is available.

    Forms and fees

    You may download an application form. Contact Permit and Licence Management or email for assistance.