Guidelines and manuals

    Amending an environmental authority

    Approval processes for environmental authorities

    This guideline outlines the different processes for applying for and managing an environmental authority for an environmentally relevant activity (for both prescribed environmentally relevant activities and resource activities).

    Financial assurance

    Information to be provided to support an environmental authority application

    Noise manual and guidelines

    Noise manual

    Noise measurement manual—ESR/2016/2195 (formerly EM1107) (PDF, 559.4KB)

    Noise monitoring is undertaken by the Queensland Government for a variety of reasons; including the provision of information to government for policy and investment decision-making, to underpin environment management decisions by government and industry, and to assess impacts on the community and environment. The Noise Measurement Manual facilitates consistency and reliability of noise measurement. 

    This manual explains how to:

    • Plan a noise measurement
    • Take on-site source and background noise measurements
    • Determine component levels by removing ambient noise
    • Make adjustments to account for tonal and impulsive characteristics
    • Report noise measurements.

    Noise guidelines

    Planning for noise control guideline is currently under review.

    Noise and vibration from blasting—ESR/2016/2169 (formerly EM2402) (PDF, 389.3KB)  

    Temporary emissions licence

    Temporary emissions licence—ESR/2015/1724 (formerly EM1129) (PDF, 375.4KB)