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Map of referable wetlands

The map of referable wetlands is a statewide regulatory map under the Environmental Protection Regulation 2008.

It identifies the location of wetland protection areas (WPA) in Great Barrier Reef (GBR) catchments which applies to State Development Assessment Provisions (SDAP) State code 9: Great Barrier Reef Wetland Protection Areas.

The map of referable wetlands also identifies wetlands of high ecological significance (HES) and general ecological significance (GES) across the state. HES wetlands on the map are identified as ‘matters of state environmental significance’ (MSES) under the Planning and Environmental Offsets legislation.

This map applies to prescribed activities under the Environmental Protection Regulation 2008 and other SDAP State codes that require offsets for MSES under the Environmental Offsets Act 2014. 

Mapping requests

To obtain a map of wetlands for a property complete the map of referable wetlands request form.

Spatial data sets are available for wetland protection and management areas at the Queensland Spatial Catalogue.

Amending the map of referable wetlands

The department can decide to amend the map of referable wetlands. If you are proposing development and are considering amending the map of referable wetlands, discuss this matter at a SARA pre-lodgment meeting. The map of referable wetlands can be amended outside Great Barrier Reef catchments.

More information on applying for a map amendment is contained in the Guideline - State Code 9: Great Barrier Reef wetland protection areas (PDF, 474K).

Past amendments to the map of referable wetlands

The current map of referable wetlands is updated to include all the past amendments listed below.

For more information on a particular amendment, email . Please quote the amendment number as a reference.

Amendment Location Layer amended Date of amendment Map of amendment
WPA00016R Kawana Wetland Protection Area 29/04/2013 WPA00016R (PDF, 2.3M)
WPA00017W Forrest Beach Wetland Protection Area 21/05/2013 WPA00017W (PDF, 6.5M)
WPA00018R Dundowran Wetland Protection Area 5/07/2013 WPA00018R (PDF, 1.1M)
WPA00020 Agnes Waters Wetland Protection Area 23/07/2013 WPA00020 (PDF, 933K)
WPA00021 Taroom Wetland Protection Area 17/09/2013 WPA00021 (PDF, 597K)
WPA00022 Granviille Wetland Protection Area 17/11/2014 WPA00022 (PDF, 583K)
WPA00023 Wetland Protection Area 15/05/2015   WPA00023 (PDF, 377K)
WPA00024 Craignish Wetland Protection Area 20/10/2015 WPA00024 (PDF, 1.7M)
WPA00025   Wetland Protection Area 9/09/2016 WPA00025 (PDF, 830K)
WPA00026   Wetland Protection Area 16/09/2016 WPA00026 (PDF, 834K)
WPA00027 Lethebrook Wetland Protection Area 26/10/2016 WPA00027 (PDF, 1.7M)
WPA00028 Port Douglas Wetland Protection Area 8/11/2016 WPA00028 (PDF, 1.5M)
WPA00029 Ayr Wetland Protection Area 2/05/2017 WPA00029 (PDF, 1.5M)
WPA00030 Condamine Wetland Management Area 6/11/2017 WPA00030 (PDF, 1.3M)
WPA00031 Brisbane Wetland Management Area 3/11/2017 WPA00031 (PDF, 1.7M)
Last updated
8 November 2017