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Frequently asked questions

What is Connect?

Connect is the department's new digital platform for online services and transactions.

Connect will streamline how you do business with the department and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What will customers be able to do in Connect?

As a Connect customer you can:

  • update and manage your contact, address and business information online;
  • complete applications and instantly submit online;
  • make online payments via credit card; and
  • have access to online lodgement of annual returns.

What are the benefits of using Connect?

  • Connect customers will have real time access on any type of device – computer, smart phone or tablet.
  • Connect will streamline application, assessment and compliance processes for customers.
  • Connect customers will be able to view and update records including invoices, documents, directories of customers and more.
  • Each customer's account has the flexibility to create multiple users or to allow for an agent to act on their behalf—so everyone who needs access can gain it.
  • A user of Connect also has the ability to be linked to multiple customer accounts (as either an administrative user or general user).

Do customers have to use Connect?

We have been contacting existing customers (who hold a licence or permit) via email with information about becoming a Connect user. You can choose how you use Connect. If you already hold an environmental authority or a dealer or harvester licence for macropods, some of your customer information is already in Connect. Before you become a user, please email Connect Support at to obtain your Customer Reference Number.

For making an application for a permit from the department, the existing manual, paper-based systems will still be available.

It is up to each customer to make their own decision whether they wish to lodge paper-based or electronic applications.

It is important to note that the department needs your most recent details as it continues to communicate with customers electronically, which includes emailing annual returns, invoices and permits. You can update your details in Connect.

What are the benefits for the department by moving processes online?

As Connect is integrated with the department's internal processes, the amount of time it will take to process individual applications will be reduced. Because a customer can manage their own contact details and submit applications online, this allows for the department to realign resources from administrative tasks to compliance efforts, including proactive planning.

Are there any changes to the manual system?

We will continue to process the manual applications and lodgements as per the current process, however credit card payments will no longer be accepted where a Connect service is available.

It is important to note that any manual applications and lodgements will have a slower processing time as opposed to an application that is submitted through Connect. This is due to the department having to manually process the paperwork before it is referred to the relevant business area of the department  to action the application or lodgement.

Are there any fees associated with doing business in Connect?

It is free to become a Connect user where you get the benefit of self-service options. When you choose to submit an application or pay your annual return invoice electronically, a Connect user fee will apply for online processing.

The user fee is 7 per cent of the existing regulatory fee capped at a maximum amount of $70. The fee is incurred for each new application and electronic payment of an annual return invoice.

Any other action, for example, updating your details or the lodgment of an annual return form, will not attract the user fee.

Further Information in relation to the user fee:

  • The user fee applies to customers who use Connect to:
    • apply for a new environmental authority
    • apply to amend, transfer or amalgamate an environmental authority
    • pay the annual fee for an environmental authority
    • apply for a wildlife licence
  • For a new or amendment application, the user fee is automatically calculated in Connect and the user doesn’t have the option to not pay the user fee when they are paying in Connect.
  • If a Connect user lodges their annual return in Connect, but pays the annual fee outside of Connect, we would expect that the user pay the user fee, as they are a user of Connect (having lodged their annual return in Connect).
  • The user fee is not applicable to a customer who chooses to lodge applications/annual returns outside of Connect. That being said, the payment options become limited for such a customer, as paying by credit card is only available in Connect.

More information about Connect is available at

Is there an age limit to become a user of Connect?

Yes, only people aged 18 and over can become users of Connect. If a person under the age of 18 wants to hold a licence that can be applied for in Connect, their legal guardian will need to be the user of Connect.

Why do I get maintenance notifications about Connect?

For those users who are in Connect and have their user account and customer account set up, you will from time-to-time receive a ‘maintenance notification’. These maintenance notifications will tell you the period of time that you will be unavailable to access Connect for, as updates are made to Connect.

The department tries to schedule maintenance at low-peak times, to minimise disruption to your use of Connect.


Last updated
21 November 2017